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"Horror d'Oeuvres: Bite-Sized Tales of Terror" for Scares That Care

The world of horror isn't all blood, guts, and gore!
Well, okay, it is. But sometimes the gross stuff is for a good cause. Check out Horror d'Oeuvres: Bite-Sized Tales of Terror, a horror novel including twenty-seven authors and edited by the narrator of Dead Oaks short stories "Skookum Lake" and "I Rarely Get Visitors," Rafael Marmol. Proceeds from Horror d'Oeuvres benefit Scares That Care, a charity associated with the horror community.

To find out more about Horror d'Oeuvres and Scares That Care, read on...

Be warned.

Horror d’Oeuvres: Bite-Sized Tales of Terror is an exquisite array of easily digestible horror micro-fiction from today’s freshest authors. Each tale is a demonic symphony that will peel away the layers of your mind and reduce your soul to a simmering nightmare within seven hundred words or less. 

These stories are not for the faint of heart or weak of constitution. Offering an abundant variety of deliciously dark and twisted treats, rea…

Dead Oaks: "I Rarely Get Visitors"

In this week's episode of Dead Oaks, a Halloween prank goes horribly wrong when two teenagers decide to ding-dong-ditch an elderly citizen of Dead Oaks. What answers the door is more horrifying than either of them could have ever imagined... "I Rarely Get Visitors" was written by Tristan Lince and narrated by Rafael Marmol. Music in today's episode was "Creepy," written and performed by Nicholas Critney and "Fallen Angels," courtesy of For more information, visit or find us on Twitter: @deadoakspodcast. To buy a copy of Horror d'Oeuvres, edited by Rafael Marmol, visit, and to find out more about Scares That Care, visit


Hey! Chris here! It’s a little abnormal for to deter away from posting things about, well, Dead Oaks, but in light of the twentieth anniversary of TV’s single greatest series—if you’re thinking Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, we can’t be friends anymore—I decided to devote a post to how Buffy not only helped shape me as a human being in general, but also how it helped shape the very podcast you (might) tune into every two weeks—Dead Oaks!

To start things off, I have to let you all know a terrible secret about my childhood: I was a weirdo. It may be hard to believe, but I was the chubby, nerdy kid in the corner of his fourth-grade classroom, reading The Shining and drawing terrible X-Men comics on his notebooks. I was into horror and superheroes while my classmates were into football and… other things I definitely wasn’t into.

I never fully felt like I fit in with my peers. Little did I know, a lot of other kids felt that way, too.
And on March 20th, 1997, a TV ser…

Dead Oaks: Burning

In the latest episode of Dead Oaks, Otto continues searching for clues while trying to locate his brother in Dead Oaks, but the closer he gets to answers, the less likely it is he'll make it out alive... Today’s episode, “Burning,” was written by Christopher Waltz. Music in today’s episode was “Creepy,” written and performed by Nicholas Critney. The voice of Otto Gillespie was Aaron Beck and the voice of Dr. Nate was special guest star Ryan Moore. Check back in two weeks for the next short story installment of Dead Oaks, “I Rarely Get Visitors,” by Tristan Lince. For more information, visit or find us on twitter, @deadoakspodcast.

Dead Oaks: "The Man Who Never Was" by Joe Mogel

We hope you enjoyed your stay in Dead Oaks. Today’s episode, “The Man Who Never Was,” was written by Joe Mogel and was narrated by Edward Whalen. Music in today’s episode was “Creepy,” written and performed by Nicholas Critney and "In Doubt," courtesy of Check back in two weeks for the next installment of Otto’s story, “Burning.” For more information, visit or find us on Twitter, @deadoakspodcast.