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Dead Oaks: "Into the Woods"

Today’s episode, “Into the Woods,” was written by Christopher Waltz. The voice of Otto Gillespie was Aaron Beck, and the voice of The Librarian was Christopher Waltz.
Music in today’s episode was “Creepy,” written and performed by Nicholas Critney. And “Entombed,” courtesy of
Check back in two weeks for the final short story installment of Dead Oaks, “Me and Jasper Down by the Meth Shack,” by Aaron Saylor. And don't miss the season finale to Otto's Story, "The End of Everything," coming on September 18th. For more information, find us on Twitter, @deadoakspodcast or visit

Dead Oaks: "An Insatiable Appetite" by Sean Hodell

By Sean Hodell
The baby snake slithers willingly into your belly, scorching your esophagus on the way down. There is an immediate onset of nausea as it wades through your stomach acid. You press your lips together to prevent yourself from retching. Sunlight peeks through the blinds in your bedroom. The smell of bacon wafts through the door, which only adds to the nausea. You’re hungry, starving actually, but not for that. You have an appetite for something, but you find yourself drawing a blank on what it actually is that the snakelet wants. You found its mother coiled around a branch protruding from a fallen tree in the lake the previous evening. You had your bow with you, so you shot it. Right in the belly. Sure, you could have shot it the head, but you were in a torturous mood. Naturally, the snake was pissed at first. It tried striking you several times, but the arrow went all the way through, leaving it with a debilitating pain. When you ripped the arrow out, the underside of the rep…