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Dead Oaks: "Locked Away"

In the next episode of Otto's story, "Locked Away," Otto finds himself trapped in an institution for the mentally insane, where the residing doctor and nurse may not be who they appear.

"Locked Away" was written by Christopher Waltz. The voice of Otto Gillespie is Aaron Beck. Music in this episode was "Creepy," written and performed by Nicholas Critney and "Sardonicus," courtesy of

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Dead Oaks: Season One Title Reveal!

Hey, everyone!

In an attempt to keep updating between episodes, I've decided to reveal some information about the upcoming remainder of Dead Oaks's first season! The information below is mostly set in stone, but--as with anything on a schedule--it could change!

Check out the titles and dates for upcoming episodes of Dead Oaks:

Dead Oaks: A Horror Anthology Podcast Season One
(Previously Released Episodes) A Knock at the Door Skookum Lake Five Months Later A Dead Oaks Visitor Messages A Brief History/The Dare (Live Episode)
(Upcoming Episodes) Locked Away -- May 29th Leave Me Alone -- June 12th Dr. Nate -- June 26th Gnaw/Sound/Leonard (Three Tales) -- July 10th Messages, Part 2 -- July 24th Safe Room -- August 7th Into The Woods -- August 21st Insatiable Appetite -- September 4th The End of Everything (Season 1 Finale) -- September 18th Short Story #8 (To Be Decided) -- October 2nd Halloween Special -- October 30th
There you have it! Stay tuned for more Dead Oaks updates, and tune…

Dead Oaks LIVE at Indy Reads Books: "A Brief History/The Dare"

Dead Oaks LIVE at Indy Reads Book! "A Brief History/The Dare" This week's episode of Dead Oaks: A Horror Anthology Podcast comes to you as a LIVE recording of a never-before-heard episode, "A Brief History/The Dare." Recorded on April 30, 2016 at Indy Reads Books in Indianapolis, Indiana, "A Brief History/The Dare" introduces listeners to Amelia Abernathy, Historian for the town of Dead Oaks, who shares some of her own experiences, throwbacks to previous episodes, and a chilling letter written by a young man accepting his fate for a mistake he made years before. "A Brief History" was written by Christopher Waltz.
"The Dare" was adapted from a story written by Eric Valek. Amelia Abernathy is played by Kim Buckley. Music in this episode is "Creepy," written by Nicholas Critney and performed by Eric Park. Indy Reads Books is a nonprofit organization and they rely on philanthropic contributions to keep our doors open and to provide …

Dead Oaks: "Messages"

In the newest installment of Otto's story, a series of voicemail messages from a librarian, Mrs. Gillespie, and Otto, himself, give clues about what has been happening to Otto since he first came to Dead Oaks. "Messages" was written by Christopher Waltz, and features music from Nicholas Critney and Voices in "Messages" were Christopher Waltz, Aaron Beck, and Debby Fey. Visit for more information and for guidelines for submitting your own story to be features on Dead Oak: A Horror Anthology Podcast.

Don't miss the next short story installment of Dead Oaks, "Leave Me Alone," by Payton Lyon.