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The Horror of it All: How Writing Horror Became my Achilles Heel

You may remember that a year or more ago, I wrote a post about how much I absolutely love horror, and that still holds true to this very day. However, when I decided to switch gears and begin writing it, the unthinkable happened... I lost my groove.

It's not uncommon for me to get writer's block (It's more like writer's dam, but whatever.), and I like to write in a way I've been calling "organic" for a long, long time: if the words aren't coming to me naturally, I'm not going to force them and end up with writing I think is mediocre or sub-par. And that's okay. I prefer to write this way, and it's always worked for me, even if it takes me longer to write something than if I would have forced the words onto paper (or Word document).

All was going good and well, that is until I started writing horror...

I signed up to be a part of a really awesome event called The Stanley Hotel Writers' Retreat last October, hosted at one of the horror …