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Dead Oaks:The Dare by Eric Valek

This week's Dead Oaks story comes from a very talented friend of mine, Eric Valek. If you like this story and would like to write your own entry in the Dead Oaks anthology, contact me via Twitter or Facebook.
 At some point in one’s life, the desire to escape may become overbearing, almost obsessive- and for some, this desire may be fulfilled, and even prove beneficial. But for those who truly have a need to run, to evade what they have done or what life has befallen upon them.. Sometimes the past never truly leaves. And in Dead Oaks, I learned, the past is never truly behind.             I am a graduate of Michigan State University, 2012- a major in Fine Arts, a degree that I quickly learned had little fruit to bear, but my persistence and my experience urged me to pursue it to the end, and finally, I achieved my goal- but at a large cost. In 2011, at my 21st birthday party, my close friends decided that I was lonely and needed to meet someone. Mind you, at the time I was focused …